The Globel Guarantee.

Working With Us. Seven Good Reasons Why.

1. We're Convenient

You can do all your ordering right here online – anytime, anywhere.

You can see pictures of every product, assess whether they're right for you, and fill your own container with exactly what you want.

Even better – you can see exactly how much weight you have in each container, and how much space you have left. So you can maximise efficiencies and minimise shipping costs and wasted space.

Once you've ordered, it's a smooth import process – from manufacture to delivery. All to ensure that dealing with us is as easy as ordering, receiving and selling on.

2. We're Easy To Work With

Once you place an order with us, we're pretty much out of the picture – in the good kind of way. Of course, we're working behind the scenes, making sure shipping and customs flows smoothly, visiting our manufacturers to ensure production and quality are of the highest standard – and of course we're available to answer any of your questions or help you with your needs.

But your container of goods will be shipped directly to you. You place your order here, and that's it!

3. We Have a Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record in delivering innovative products that sell. You probably already know that having a great product is not enough. The key is in being able to sell it – and not just a few items here or there. You need to sell high volumes to make this whole process worth your while. And it has to be easy. The product has to sell itself. You want it jumping off the shelves! Which is where we can help you. We know the market for storage products – and we don't try to expand into areas we don't know.

Storage is what we know, and storage is where we can deliver. This is our specialty, and we invest all our time and energy in making sure every product we are involved with will sell well.

We understand the products, we understand the pricing, and on top of all this – we have a keen eye for product development. So we're always thinking about new and innovative products that always sell well.

4. We Only Deal In Quality

We know that the only way to build and maintain a happy customer base is by having a quality product that sells. And just as it's no good if it's great quality but nobody wants to buy it – it's also no good if consumers buy it, but it falls apart six months later. So we only work with manufacturers who deliver quality products, every time.

And we don't leave anything to chance. We visit our manufacturers on a monthly cycle to monitor production lines, support their processes, and inspect the products. So when we put a product up for sale, we know both that it will sell – and that it's good.

5. We're Trustworthy – and We Value Relationships

One of our greatest strengths is in the quality of the relationships that we develop.

Not just with our manufacturers and customers, but with everyone we deal with along the way. Because we don't want you to place a one–off order. We want to deliver a service so good that it makes you want to keep working with us for as long as storage products are required. So we're committed to nurturing relationships with our manufacturers and with you.

6. We're The Right Price

We have a very low–cost operation here at Globel Industries. Apart from travel, keeping on top of market trends, and product development in order to continue bringing you the very best products – we don't have a lot of overheads.

So we can offer you great prices. How?

We work with high volumes and very low margin, which means you get some very big rewards:

  • Someone who knows the ins and outs of storage – what will sell, what won't, and the reasons why
  • Someone who'll develop innovative new products to keep up with changing markets
  • Someone who has great relationships with manufacturers in foreign countries, who understands their customs and culture and who can communicate effectively with them – skills and relationships that have been built up over a decade
  • Someone who understands shipping and customs and who maintains good relationships with the people involved
  • Someone who brings it all together to one point, making the purchasing process easy, simple and quick for you

So as you can see – we add a huge amount of value.

7. We Innovate

We never rest on our laurels.

We invest huge amounts of time and energy travelling the world, assessing markets and developing new concepts and ideas to meet demand – then working with our manufacturers to make them a reality.

And even then – we don't expect that product to meet demand indefinitely. So we're always on the lookout for the next great product to bring to you.