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Providing Storage Solutions around the World.

When you're looking for products it's essential that they sell well. Yes, they must be top quality. Yes, they must be the right price. But that doesn't guarantee you that they'll sell. At Globel Industries, we're serious about our products. We've been in storage for over 27 years – and we only deal in products that sell well.

In fact, we've never been involved with the importation of a product that hasn't.

And this isn't an accident.

  • It comes from years of experience in the storage products market.
  • It comes from a commitment to quality.
  • It comes from dedication to building good relationships, maintaining them, and respecting them.

And it comes from innovation; because we're not content in finding just a few good products and hoping that you'll keep buying them forever. We know that markets change, needs change, technology improves - and that in order to keep delivering the best products to you, we need to be constantly on top of these developments.

So we develop inventive products and we deliver them. Around the world.

All within a seamless distribution process that's as easy as filling up your container right here online – and leaving the rest to us.

So jump on our products page today and take a look at what we have to offer. The quality and range will impress you.

Storage solutions that sell.

Garden Storage Solutions, Kit Set Shelving, Plastic Storage, Plastic Containers, Plastic Crates, Steel Shelf Units, Metal Storage Cabinets, Brackets, Uprights, Wire Shelves, Mini Rack Systems, Timber Shelves. Glass Shelves, Soft Storage, Closet Storage and more.

Services and Benefits.

Globel Industries provides quality storage products that sell successfully around the world.

We've spent years developing relationships with the people that matter to make this process foolproof – so we can deliver top quality, saleable products to you no matter where you're based.

We work with custom brokers, with shipping agents, and with several carefully selected manufacturers - and every step along the way we choose the people who are prepared to uphold our commitment to quality in the products that we bring to you.

You can see our entire range of products, but remember to check back regularly – because both developing and sourcing innovative new products is one of our greatest strengths.